Sunday, October 30, 2016

From Salem to Sequenom, Following the Whack'o Witch Hunting Trail

To all yea' hunters of the supernatural (be it of generic computer abstraction-ism or un-natural genetic phenomenon),
Happy Halloween!

As is well known, there are certain things that should never have been allowed to be in the first place.

Patenting of unfathomable software magic is one of them.

Monopolizing of DNA prestidigitation (no matter how remarkable) is another.

Our hunters of the judicial exceptionalisms are vigilantly on the war path lest some crafty scrivener weave the devil's satanic verses into some obtuse patent claim language. It is imperative to unmask all claims by stripping away their conventional coverings so as to behold the truth of what they are truly "directed to." Only if divine intervention reveals something "significantly more" can they be saved from the gallows. All witches and all claimers of witchcraft must hang.

No need, course; to belabor the brilliant and self-elevating boastful brains of our vigilante judicials with technical details. All code is no more than that witch any 2nd year engineer student will finish before weekend's last dusking. And fishing out pathological genetic code from DNA strand tis no more than a pluck of leaf off yonder tree. Neither deserves chance to prove otherwise. Those who dare question our Blunderland framework of exceptionalism detectionism are but apostates and blasphemers. Hang them all. Happy Happy is our Halloween.

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