Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mr. Gorbachev, We too want to ... Tear Down Our Patent System Walls ... just as you guys did ... so we can HARMonize with you ... be like you

Brick by brick,
and mortar layer
by next layer,
the US Congress is tearing down
the treasured US Patent System
so that we can be in "HARMony"
with them who don't value inventors and their inventions.

So that we can be like ...
Mr. Gorbachev.

So that we can be like ...
the former and collapsed, USSR.

So that we can return to
the Dark ages,
force our Galileo's to recant,
become like ...
other backward nations
who devalue, discard and denigrate
their inventor subpopulation
(North Korea, ...).

Bill Targeting Patent Trolls Could Be First Nail in the Coffin

Trailblazing "inventors" are fakes. The "real" contributors are them who copy the inventors and call that "entrepreneurship" and "INNOVATION".

Friday, February 15, 2013

Obama: Patent and Inventors-hater in Chief?

Jump to time point 16:03/47.03 to see the Q&A

Has Obama become
the Patent/
in Chief?

Obama Calls Patent Trolls Extortionists That 'Hijack' People's Ideas

And TECH DIRT is just lovin' it:
from the TD didn't-expect-that dept

Let's roll back the selective amnesia tapes:

Sept. 16, 2011: Obama praises and signs the new & improved America Don't Invent No More Reform Act (ADINM-RA; a.k.a. the Leahy-Smith Patent Act of 2011)

He says: "“I am pleased to sign the America Invents Act. This much-needed reform will speed up the patent process so that innovators and entrepreneurs can turn a new invention into a business as quickly as possible, ... Here in America, our creativity has always set us apart, and in order to continue to grow our economy, we need to encourage that spirit wherever we find it.””

Yes we can
Any other greatest exceptional nation on this planet,
or better yet
in the whole freakin' Galaxy!

Einstein returns from dead
to brow beat Obama
on his Uncle Tom-foolery
re patents

America Don't No More
Patent Act
blow by

More ....

Bonus video:
Non-lawyer teaches you how to shoot your own IP rights in the foot
Click here for your I want to shoot my foot off kit

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Doctors of Voodoo (Economics) Debate the Which Came First Question

Which came first?

The trickled-down chicken pot pie (a great "innovation" for its time), or
the technology-incubating tooth fairy egg? (Which first?) And did patents help in any of it? Did patents send the right kind of message to them who do the inventing?
Inquiring economists (don't) want to know:
Read it here: ...

The Fed's Case Against Patents

(a PDF position paper ... click to read)

Huff Post short story take on the Fed's
Kill-all-Patents Paper

The paper ... argues that the patent system is damaging public health by raising the cost of prescription drugs, while failing to generate a plethora of innovative new treatments for life-saving diseases.

Hoping to improve patent quality, Boldrin and Levine say, is a lost cause.
"Why use band-aids to staunch a major wound?" Boldrin and Levine wrote. "Economists fought for decades -- ultimately with considerable success -- to reduce restrictions on international trade. A similar approach, albeit less slow, should be adopted to phase out patents [altogether]."

More details out of the Kill-all-Patents Paper
... an analytic look
Fed Fanta-thought #1.1:

"The market for software and hardware may be viewed as a ... special case. Generally the fixed cost of producing [already-invented] software [(as opposed to "developing" it)] is low ... This, however, pales in comparison to the cost of developing new medicines [(as opposed to "producing" them)]– which is estimated to have a present value of closer to 1 billion USD – the same way it does in front of that for developing [as opposed to "producing"] a new model of automobile ... "

((The Steppy smells a rotting fish here: Observe that the above paragraph compares apples with grapefruits. "Developing" and "producing" (mass producing) are not one and the same thing. Sneaky fellas them are at the Fed. Hee hee ha. Click Read More to see more analysis.))