Sunday, July 31, 2016

Reciting Reality is a 'Dirty Trick'

"Watch out for these dirty tricks," warns
this anti-patents site.

Apparently, if a computer is used to control an industrial process (e.g. curing rubber) then such a "computer implemented" (CII) reality-transforming process is a "dirty trick".

Apparently, if a computer is used to convert ultrasonic echoes into human recognizable information (e.g. baby's first image) then such a "computer implemented" (CII) reality-revealing process is a "dirty trick".

Apparently, if a computer is used to determine if a vehicle operator is impaired (e.g. Vehicle Intelligence and Safety v. Mercedes-Benz) then such a "computer implemented" (CII) reality-revealing process is a "dirty trick".

Apparently, if a computer is used to determine real time reliability of a complex electric power grid (e.g. ELECTRIC POWER GROUP, LLC v. ALSTOM S.A ) then such a mere "computer implemented" (CII) reality-revealing process is a "dirty trick".

Remember. Don't let them fool you with facts and reality.
Inventing is an evil Satanic ritual and must be stopped.
Support your local AWWAIE (American Witches, Warlocks and Inventors Eradication) club!
Let's make America Salem again. Vote your fears not your rational mind.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Welcome Russcinites, Dah it is true

Recently this site has seen a "serge" (surge) of visits from Mother Russia.

I have no idea why. Maybe they are asking themselves:
Can the Yanks be so dumb that they are dismantling their own patent system?

Yes (Dah), Russcinites, it is true.
We in America have "supreme" fearless leaders who believe all computer stuff is "generic".

Our leaders do indeed believe that all technical people are also "generic".
Just find any random coffee drinking one at a Silicon Valley java bar.
Give them your abstract "idea".
Mutter the magic words, "Apply it".
And it shall be so.

Right after the weekend.
Because it should take no more time than that to convert any and all "ideas" into "code" popped into a "generic" computing device and thus instantly made available for the consumer market to consume and enjoy per our "free" market dynamics. (Oh by the way, you don't have to pay the java drinking scriptor for his or her efforts. They are more than glad to give of themselves for the greater good of the marketplace.)

Which is why the evil patent privileges should not be given to them who pursue trivial "ideas".
Because it is so trivial and simple you see.
Like King Tut and his abacus man you see?
What can't you get through your legally incompetent mind about that?
Everything is fundamental economic fundamentalism that is easily carried forward into the computer age by the magic muttering of "Apply it".

And for that reason, no soup or patents for you.

Dah, it is true.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Or merely with paper and pencil

According to some know-it-all judges, things done merely with paper and pencil constitute abstract idea, no different than what one does with one's "mind".

A slide rule made out of paper with pencil markings is merely an "abstract idea."

A flying contraption that can deliver messages is merely an "abstract idea."

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Whitewash Powder Stuff for Washington Whigs

New patent deform must be fresh abrew in the air.

Appears it is time to tell tall tales of how the Alice pill made one small business man ten feet tall while other pills did nothing at all.
Don't believe it?
Go ask Alice (when she was small).

Supreme Court’s Alice decision protected my small businesses from patent trolls

Alice Helps Another Company Stop a Patent Troll
(Problem: Abstract Patents)

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Beg or Stand Defiant?

Recently it has been suggested (here comment #7) that we must grovel as beggars at the feet of the all mighty SCOTUS and their appeasement-happy followers (i.e. the Federal Circuit panel of Rapid Litigation Management LTD v. Cellzdirect, Inc.)

Why should we?

To proclaim to all under our 1st Amendment rights what a bunch of incompetent and irrational doles our Supreme Fearless Leaders are when it comes to science, technology and patent law.
Maybe they have no shame.
But still we cannot stand by and be silent.
History will record them as shameful sycophants of the amici curie owners of the bought and paid for Court.
History will note that our SCOTUS elite allowed non-expert, unsworn and un-cross-examined opinions of so-called “friends” to influence them into to making de novo findings of fact at the appellate level with respect to plucking DNA leaves (or banana fruit) from trees, with respect to generic computers and java-juiced 2nd year students at the coffee shop, with respect to laws “of nature”, with respect to fundamental Lego blocks of “human ingenuity” and with respect to how patents might “stifle” their precious “innovation”. What a crock of BS. All of it.
We cannot shrink back and beg.
We must step forward (not back) and yell from the tops of our tenements. We are mad as heck and … we won’t take it any more.

Post Script:
District Court: The Fed. Cir has given us guidance

And by the way,
HAPPY 4TH OF JULY to all yea inhabitants of the land of the free and the home of the brave!