Monday, August 12, 2013

Hunting for FOXSEs under Troll Tale Bridge

Once Upon a Time ...

was asked to
write a business plan
on cleaning out the hen house.

The FOXSE (What is a FOXSE?)
proposed to eliminate the hens
and to pile on more and deeper Sh8 (PhD)
in order to hide the fact that the
real producers (the hens) were gone.

All the King's men
and all the full of Sh8 rears of horses
loved the "innovative" new idea.

If you shovel enough of the stuff
it will bury the truth.
(That the real producers are gone and
the facility is now 100% filled with PhD stuff.)

(What is a "FOXSE"?)
A FOXSE is a Full Of Xtra-Sh8 Entity
One that likes to make up Tall Troll Tales
instead of dealing with truth ...

One truth is that many a FOXSE don't
even know what a "patent" is.
(Click "More" for details)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Room for Whom More on Maroon Island?

A big tent
sits atop
Maroon Island.

It is not
only the
mists" who
spell it with
just one "O".

Consider the legal scholar
to the right, or more
precisely, his position paper
on abolishing software patents.

He writes:
"[For] pharmaceutical and biotech companies, ... patents are clearly necessary to encourage innovation,... [The] exclusion [of "software patents"] from the patent system would [yes,] discourage some software innovations, but the saving from litigation costs over disputed patent rights would more than compensate the economy for that cost. Moreover, some software innovations would be encouraged because the inability to patent software will eliminate uncertainty over whether someone else with a similar patent will sue and do battle [with the copyists]in the courts."

Compensate "THE ECONOMY"?
What about the inventor?

Eliminate "UNCERTAINTY"?
What venture doesn't have uncertainty?

Eliminate LAWSUITS?
Maybe first we wipe out all the "judges" (and then the lawyers ala Shakespeare)?

Posner's (mis)understanding of what the patent system is about? Click more (below).

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Marooned --On Science Illiteracy Island

It's tempting to take the "O" out
of "maroon" when talking about
them who are scientifically illiterate.
Often, the marooned don't know
they are missing an "O".

Consider the "cure cancer"
theory of the economist
to the right (at 4:50/16:28)

(If you don't want to watch, he says basically that increased size of the free marketplace (to the "Global" scale) is what incentivizes all manner of scientific advance: in medicine, in computers, in energy, etc. The mind just boggles.)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Failed Economists Seek Inventor Scape Goat

With ...

the sustainability
of their "dismal science"
in serious doubt, ...

the ever inventive
theorists of "econumbnics"
have embarked on a witch and troll hunt.

And at last they have found their scape goat ...
the software inventor.

Who better is there to blame for the collapse of Western Industrial Civilization then the ones who keep the complexity going with their bits and bytes?

The objective number crushers have even come up with an emotion packed pack of lies to support their Inquisition. There are no patents in the food industry? Seriously?
Give us all a popcorn-popping Ron Popeil break! This is what you call objective rationalism? Ayn Rand roasts and rotates in her graveyard rotisserie over this kind of fantasy fiction. Some of these so-called econo-numb-nuts pull convenient, but unsupportable "facts" out of their dismal derrieres.