Saturday, July 28, 2007

Reform Rationale Calls for Eradication of Human Race

A few bad apples are reason enough to remove the whole barrel according to certain pest control experts who wish to "reform" the 200 year old American patent system.

AP reporter Erica Werner warns her readers of the patent plague that confronts our nation. In a recent fair and blanched report she opens with the following line of plagiarized rhetoric:

Crustless peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches, a way to move sideways on a swing, a technique for exercising cats using a laser pointer - these are among the inventions patented in the United States over the years. Now Congress is trying to cut down on poor-quality or downright ridiculous patents, and at the same time adapt the patent system to a high-tech era in which computers and other electronic devices may contain thousands of patentable parts.

With millions of patents having been served out by the underfunded and overwhelmed US Patent Office, the enviro-friendly daft reporter has "discovered" all on her unbiased own the dastardly few patents that warrant eradication and total makeover of the whole system.

Of course, by that logic, it would make sense to exterminate the whole of the human race. After all, news reporters such as Erica are constantly uncovering examples of unsavory human beings. Does it not make sense to once and for all eliminate those pests as well? They pollute the air and poison the children. They commit crimes and lie, cheat and engage in acts of moral depravity.

And besides, if we leave alive a few independent inventors; why they might multiply and spread their contagious ideas around the whole world. Who wants free thinkers in an age of corporate mind control and global domination?

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