Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Energy In a Nova Nation

In a "Nova Nation", energy; for lack of a better term,
is produced
by the incantation of
innovative words.

Sen. Murkowski (at 29:57): "Let's use our ingenuity to advance ... an all-of-the above approach ... spend more on innovation"

FULL COMMITTEE HEARING: The Government's Role in Energy Innovation (SD-36 --the meeting starts at 25:47 into the video, so click there to view. "About" the Committee is here.)


Step Back said...

Monday, May 28, 2012
Book TV Series/Topics
Science and Technology
"Before the Lights Go Out: Conquering the Energy Crisis Before It Conquers Us"

Maggie Koerth-Baker

About the Program

Maggie Koerth-Baker examines the current and future state of energy issues in the United States.

Step Back said...

"The Market" will save us:

"We should be talking about energy freedom. Like all other sectors of the economy, allowing businesses and ideas to compete on the free market will not only produce the most efficient forms of energy, but will also pass along the savings to the consumer. ... By subsidizing certain new energies like solar and wind we distort the marketplace and make it impossible for companies to know what is really the most efficient solution."
--Sen. Rand Paul, Committee member

Step Back said...

"The Market" will save us: (Ideologue #2):

"we need to be serious ... because our country’s future strength, prosperity, and competitiveness are on the line.

... Markets and consumers will make the choice far better than anyone else.

... As for energy itself, our goals should to be to make it as abundant, affordable, clean, diverse, and secure as possible.

... our energy policies must pay for themselves. The tens of billions of dollars contained in the 2009 stimulus for ‘clean energy’ have had much less of an impact than projected, and many taxpayers are rightly unhappy with the results of that spending.

... Given how important energy is to our economy – given how it helps to determine the price of nearly all other goods and services – our attention should be devoted to policies that will lower the cost of energy, not raise it even further. "

06/05/12 -
Senator Lisa Murkowski Remarks to Arent Fox/GWU Energy Policy Forum

Step Back said...

"Clean Coal" will save us:

"Incentivizing Clean Coal Technology: Senator Corker firmly believes we should incentivize technologies that will meet the goals of producing clean, stable energy from the country’s most abundant energy resource—coal. Senator Corker is supportive of demonstrating new approaches to capture and store carbon dioxide from coal plants and cosponsored two bills to accomplish this, which were included in the final version of the Energy Independence and Security Act. The 2008 Energy Improvement and Extension Act also promotes clean coal technology by providing tax incentives for carbon capture and sequestration demonstration projects."

Step Back said...

Them "Advance Technologies" will save us:

"The first item to consider is support for advanced energy technology R&D. America has traditionally led the world in many of the characteristics that are essential to having an innovation economy. We have the predominant share of the world’s best research universities. We are the world’s largest source of financial capital. We have a disproportionate share of the world’s leading innovators in high technology. But these advantages are shrinking rapidly. In 2007, United States energy research expenditures were at about 0.3 percent of GDP. Japan was at about 0.8 percent of GDP and even China was about 0.4 percent. Since then, our overseas competitors have significantly increased their research investments in energy, while our own investments in this area have grown only modestly. It is clear that if we are to put together any kind of bill that deserves to be labeled as comprehensive energy legislation, we need to address the huge gap between where our investment in energy technology research is and where in fact it ought to be."
--Sen. Jeff Bingaman Energy Priorities for the 112th Congress

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