Monday, May 13, 2013

And one pill makes you 10 feet small --Go Ask Alice (v. CLS)

During a tour of the set of the popular TV show "Big Bang Theory",

a tired Judge Pauline Newman collapses into

the chair of one of their props, the H.G. Wells Time Machine.
Her eyes barely start to close when the time wheel behind her spins into motion.
Faster and faster. Crazy fast.

The music begins to blast.

With no warning, it all transforms into an image of a spinning compass needle, "directing" its aim to all manner of targets, real and abstract.

Then it deforms once more, into to a top view of a Wizard of Oz tornado.
The witch on broomstick begins her hideous screech.

With a thunk,

Perilous Pauline finds herself
dead dropped into the Land of the Mental Munchkins

"We represent the anti-software patents league,"
they began in sing song syncopation, ...
"... the anti-software patents league, ... the anti-software patents league, ...

The mayor steps forward.
"Welcome to the County of Go Ask Alice,"
he proclaims

"Here in Go Ask Alice County, all is not as it seems.
A machine is not a machine, a process is not a process.
They are mere words; "tools" if you must.
Tools in an abstract twisty worded world.
Fundamentals of a fundamentally defunded mentality.

We hold these truths to be self evident:
Claims should not be coextensive with a natural law, natural phenomenon, or abstract idea

They should be violative of "science"
and of all mode of rational ideation!
Only "nonabstract" ideas (no such thing) are allowed.
Heads you lose. Tails means patent haters win.

Don't believe me?
Go ask Alice (v. CLS)

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