Friday, August 2, 2013

Failed Economists Seek Inventor Scape Goat

With ...

the sustainability
of their "dismal science"
in serious doubt, ...

the ever inventive
theorists of "econumbnics"
have embarked on a witch and troll hunt.

And at last they have found their scape goat ...
the software inventor.

Who better is there to blame for the collapse of Western Industrial Civilization then the ones who keep the complexity going with their bits and bytes?

The objective number crushers have even come up with an emotion packed pack of lies to support their Inquisition. There are no patents in the food industry? Seriously?
Give us all a popcorn-popping Ron Popeil break! This is what you call objective rationalism? Ayn Rand roasts and rotates in her graveyard rotisserie over this kind of fantasy fiction. Some of these so-called econo-numb-nuts pull convenient, but unsupportable "facts" out of their dismal derrieres.

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