Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rolling Snake Eyes in CAFC Dice Toss Game

Woe onto he who rolls
into the wrong panel on the CAFC.

To some judges, anything that smells of software
is no better than that which stenches of mendacity ... or pornography ... or death (death to all software IP they say!).

T'is the offensive smell of mendacity and abstractness.
They know it when they sniff it.

“There ain’t nothin’ more powerful than the odor of mendacity …You can smell it. It smells like death” --Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Tennessee Williams)

Death to your software patent if the dice roll you into Judge Lourie's panel.

"The “telephone” recited in claim 1 is not a specific machine, and adds nothing of significance to the claimed abstract idea. ... We agree with the district court that the ’060 patent claims ineligible subject matter—an abstract idea—and that the patent is invalid under § 101."

Yes operator.
I want to make this a direct shoe machine to shoe machine personal call.

What? Not specific enough?
Just as I suspected. You must be an agent of KAOS,
a secret Luddite organization hell bent on sending America back
to the 18th Century.


Unknown said...

It has been a long time since I used a telephone that wasn't a general purpose computer running telephone software.

Step Back said...

Does "general purpose" cover hardware that encompasses all manner of communicating by wire or wirelessly using every conceivable protocol including that of your selected phone carrier? Nice. How do they squeeze all that "general purpose" hardware into a palm-sized gizmo? :-)

Anonymous said...

Tablets & smartphones are without doubt general purpose computers. Circa 1990 a general purpose computer could fit into a small paperback size form factor. General purpose computers are even smaller today.

Step Back said...

"without doubt"
"without doubt"
"without doubt"
"without doubt"

But given that "I" doubt it,
there is "doubt".

That's how "science" works.
One exception to you universal theory is sufficient to require its rescission.