Sunday, March 9, 2014

Let's Hate the Inventors

We have to hate somebody.

Maybe we should hate blacks?
No. Can't.
Not politically correct.
Don't dare use the N-WORD.

Maybe we should hate gays?
No. Can't.
No longer politically correct.
Don't dare use the F-WORD,
or any other LGBT derogatory word.

Maybe we can hate inventors?
Yes. Finally. Totally politically correct.
Do use the T-WORD.

Inventors aren't even real people.
Why they're "nerds". Ugly hideous things who hide under the bridge.
Honestly when was the last time you ran into a "true" inventor, meaning someone who went all the way by building the thing in her garage and then mass producing it and getting everyone to instantly love it and buy it? That's "innovation". Anything less is nothing.

So go ahead. Do use the T-word.
Everyone else does.
Here, here and here.

Why even the US government hates them.
Lookie here at what the US President said about them in his 2014 SOTU speech.

In its brief to the Supreme Court, the government said
inventors use "schemes".
They rely on "shadow records".
They claim "abstract ideas".
They spread their evil doings into "traditionally non-technological fields of human endeavor" and for that reason we must be vigilant and enforce "traditional limits" on them.

Get the picture?
Got it? Get them. Good.

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"I think this [Kill-Inventors-Bill] could get done if we keep our nose to the grindstone."

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