Sunday, September 28, 2014

Spanking New Smack Down Talk

"Innovation" often comprises fooling the receiving audience into thinking they are getting something truly new and clever when in fact they are being handed a recycled pet rock dressed in bows and bovine bricks.

Take for example the "smack down" verbiage in the article titled Why the Supreme Court keeps smacking down America's top patent court.

What could be more impactful than a visual of the Nine Black Robes coming down hard on a haughty and out of control circuit court?

But it's all fakery just like many a pre-scripted wrestling show.

The "smack down" article proclaims, "If there's one institution responsible for the state of patent law today, it's the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit."

Clearly a lie.
The US Constitution informs that the exclusive power for securing to inventors the exclusive rights in their discoveries lies with Congress and no other body.

The "innovative" smack down article starts with a false misdirection and then compounds its interest in such fake foolery. If you believe wrestling shows are real then you can also believe in the gratifying smack down talk.

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