Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Thought Breaking Wizardry of the Patent Hate Clan

YOU should've known
even before you thought
about it in the first place.
Critical thinking is so yesterday.
Running with the bulls and rolling gloriously in their tail mud is what the herds of today do to stay "with it".

Take for example (please) our friends and family at the F___ Institute. They know how to Fix what "Ails" the Patent System.

They say for example:
"Created over 200 years ago, the current system does more to inhibit innovation than promote it. And it all starts with patents – freely granted by the U.S. government – that last 20 years from the date an application is filed."

Anyone who knows anything
(and that's a small number already)
about the "current" US Patent System,
knows that it was "reformed" in a major way in 2011 by the AIA (America Invents (no-more) Act).

A bit of New Year's celebration math:
2015 - 2011 = ????
informs the few math literati of us
that it was not 200 years ago.

It's not "free".
No patent "lasts 20 years".
Every part of just that small blurb above is an untruthiness.

And of course that's just the tip of the iceberg.
Truthiness is not an option for the Patent Hate Clan.

HEY!!! It's New Years !!! Let's just celebrate ...

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