Friday, June 12, 2015

Spanish Inquisition Jumps the Patentability Shark

Let's break it down
into very simple insect bites.

In Nature there are no magic flying
syringes intelligently swarming in
to sample maternal blood
and bring it back to the lab.

... so that non-cellular components can be isolated
and tested for fetal nucleotides
and the nucleotides can be amplified
and analyzed/

Yet the CAFC has finally jumped the shark

By declaring it all to be natural phenomenon and abstract concept.

When does the anti-science Inquisition stop?

When do sane minds say enough is enough?

When do a courageous few stand up and say we're not going to take it anymore?

SEQUENOM's claims cover a physical process.
It is new.
It is useful.
It is not "naturally" carried out by Nature without intervention by the hand of man and the ingenuity of his mind.

The King's Inquisition panels wear no clothes.
Yet they have no shame.
They parade proudly carrying only smoke and mirages.
Return oh demons to the twisted abyss from which yea arose.

Post Script:
The implication of the SEQUENOM rationale
If you have a brilliant new idea that involves the use of gravity
and you implement that idea with "conventional" gears, levers, pulleys, etc.
then no patent (or soup) for you
because your claims are directed to natural phenomenon and you "merely" use conventional means for achieving it!!!
Read more here: Sequenom’s testing is not patentable: uses conventional techniques, not innovative

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