Thursday, August 6, 2015

They "fix" horses don't they? Time to fix patents.

The Economist knows when it's time to
"fix" patents

"In government as in invention, simplicity is strength."
Says The Economist. So let's all get simple.
Cause as Forest Gump's momma used to say,
Simple does as simple is.

"Patents also last too long." they say.
"Protection for 20 years might make sense in the pharmaceutical industry, because to test a drug and bring it to market can take more than a decade.
But in industries like information technology, the time from brain wave to production line, or line of code, is much shorter."

[And short is long as George Orwell used to say. Keep in resonance with the above thought waves. Do not change channels. Critical thinking is for weaklings and wimps. Decider men are resolute and always in tune with the one true party platform!]

"One aim should be to rout the trolls and the blockers." they say.
"Studies have found that 40-90% of patents are never exploited or licensed out by their [evil] owners.
[Can you imagine?]
Patents should come with a blunt “use it or lose it” rule,
[Same applies to certain private sector parts of your body. Bwahaha.]
... so that they expire if the invention is not brought to market.
[Oh behave and bring it Baby.] Patents should also be easier to challenge without the expense of a full-blown court case.
The burden of proof for overturning a patent in court should be lowered." [How low can you go Baby?]

Patently-O also covers The Economist "fix" here.

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