Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Only the Echos of Their Abstractinating Minds

Midnight cowboys know that the day after, all that remains are the scratches on the vinyl recordings from the oral hearings.

A couple of post phonic analyses of McRO v. Bandai may be found here and here.

Which of the possible reverberations sums it up?



Morphed ideations?

Or, was it a silent conspiracy between accused and judge to sweep the details under the rug?

At the end of the day, District Judge Wu found himself not fooled by the details (or by a subconscious desire to summarily dispose of the arduous labor of full trial) and found the claims "directed" to:
the abstract idea of
"lip synchronization
using a rules-based morph target approach

How convenient for both judge and the accused defendant who formulated that contraction.

At the close of appellate oral arguments, McRO's lawyer wanted to know what ever happened to the separate ideas of sequence and timing and transition curves? Where was that as a routine in the prior art? Why did all the claim details disappear?


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