Thursday, September 29, 2016

And cancer, yes we beat you (in our moonbeam minds)

"We" won!
Did another triumphant "Moonshot".
And beat that there cancer stuff for good.

USPTO Announces Cancer Moonshot Challenge Winners

Gotta hand it to us.
"We" are brilliant as moonbeams in our own deluded minds.

(** This post probably needs a bit of historical background to understand. There are a bunch of hubiristic, "Cancer we will beat you" commercials on TV as well as the Biden/Obama "Moonshot" project. It is a lot of celebrity and politician PR without substance. As if chanting, singing, running and wearing colored bracelets is going to do the trick. And now we have the US Patent Office joining the flash mob with announcements about "winners". Yeah us! We won. Right?)

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