Thursday, January 5, 2017

Depriving Inventors of Legal Counsel

Inventors are not like ordinary people.

You see, what inventors do is akin to weaving of witchcraft.

All that computer wizardry and unnatural rearranging of Mother Nature's designs in the genetic realm has to be magic.

More often than not it is dark magic. And must be stopped.

One way to stop it is by saying "No."

No, you inventors are not human. No, you self-proclaimed inventors are not entitled to legal counsel. After all, your legal eagles are merely the "familiars" of your trollish like witchcraft, helping you to hide your true truly evil nature by way of their deceptive scrivener's art.

As one enlightening web post explains: "For years, patent trolls [and their behind the scenes legal helpers] have been ... pure evil ...
And like most evil entities, they are almost impossible to stop. Even a 2014 U.S. Supreme Court decision [Alice v. CLS] that was highly critical of patent trolls has done little to slow their slimy, reptilian-like existence. ...

But a federal judge ... slapped a half-million-dollar bill on the [contingency fee] lawyers and said that they were personally responsible for paying it, not their client. ... Part of the patent-troll economic model is based on lawyers taking a contingency fee, meaning ... the lawyers [are] more of a partner than a traditional contractor ... By placing the fines on the lawyers personally — well, to be precise, on their law firms — it threatens to change the dynamics. If lawyers stop taking these cases, patent trolls will no longer have a viable way to threaten thousands of companies."

--Stated otherwise, those "Igor" legal helpers of the Frankensteinian inventor class are just as guilty and must pay. Frankensteins (read as those who tamper with the "natural" ways of the world) are not entitled to helpful Igors or to a contingency lawyers (same thing) or to any legal rights because, after all, these Frankenstein inventors are abominations. Subhumans, monsters, trolls (or witches) that is what they truly are! We need not belabor the point. It is a self-evident truth.

... SARCASM still under construction but see Fatal blow against patent trolls

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