Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Easy it comes to us, Easy it goes to us

Whom is this "us" to which inventions come easy?
And to whom inventions go easy?

Why, it's U.S.; your trustable, reliable, honest as Abe government.


Yes, you sucker-born-yesterday inventors worked hard to come up with your inventions in the first place.

Yes, you gullible-believer inventors paid large moneys to your attorneys to scriven up the detailed applications.

Yes, you trusting inventors fought hard with the Patent Office to get your claims allowed (and paid the Patent Office AND your lawyers for the entire process).
It was a hard fought upward battle.

Yes, the US Government stamped your applications approved and led you to believe you had "exclusive" rights in "your" inventions.

Yes, the US Constitution says its your invention or discovery and the government is supposed to "secure" exclusive rights for you in "your" respective invention or discovery.

But as they say, ha ha, a new sucker is born every day.
Easy come, easy wipe out.


"In sum, all the claims are directed to the abstract idea of receiving, authenticating, and publishing data, and fail to recite any inventive concepts sufficient to transform the abstract idea into a patent eligible invention."

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