Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Supplying Components for the Globalized 21st Century

The AT&T v. Microsoft hearing transcript is up on the net. Two words: 1. component 2. supplying Many questions: 1. Is "software" a "component" of a computer? 2. What is "software"? 3. Where does "supplying" (or "causing to be supplied" of 271(f)) end and "assemblying" begin? 4. Which attorney had the compelling argument in DeepSouth Packing? 5. Which attorney had the compelling argument in AT&T v. Microsoft?


Anonymous said...

I liked your post on patently-o.

I went to the oral argument yesterday - it was painful listening to the justices try to figure out what software is.


step back said...

It's painful to watch many a people try to define "software".

The mere fact that our tongues know how to spout jargon ("software", "computer", "technology", "science", etc.) does not mean that our brains comprehend how vague and ambiguous many of these terms are. I suspect that each person defines "software" on the basis of his or her own personal experiences with the "stuff" and that no two people have exactly the same experience.