Monday, January 5, 2015

Making Statistics A Lesser of the Damn Lies Series

Jan. 5 article: "Our System Is So Broken, Almost No Patented Discoveries Ever Get Used"

What was it that Mark Twain used to say?

Actually, the damned levels of untruthiness extend well below the mere "statistics" level.
There is also neuro-linguistic mind bending.

The Broken System article scares you of not being part of the collective "We" by arguing:

"We all know the patent system is broken."

Can you say "bah"?
... followed by a humbug?
WE all?
What do you mean by "we" kimosobee?

The article goes on to argue:

"As a result, most small and mid-sized firms instruct their employees not to read patents that might help improve their products and services. This deprives those firms from being able to build on the knowledge these patents contain and, in turn, help other companies improve their products and so on. This kind of behavior, though legally prudent, defeats the patent system’s whole purpose of technological disclosure and commercialization."

Wait a minute. Here's a thought: (D'oh)
What if the folk who wrote the patent try to commercialize it?

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