Thursday, January 8, 2015

On Fear Itself

Something to think about rather than to merely feel.

Fear itself.

Scientists tell us there is a small nut shaped region in the brain called the amygdala.

When that area gets activated, our higher levels of cognition are greatly degraded.

Fear. Fear itself lives in the amygdala.

We need to remain conscious of times when our fear centers are triggered and rational thought process is flushed down the toilet.

Terror. Terrorism.
That is definitely one event in which our rationality is severely crippled and we may do rash things.

Where else?
Where else do our minds go mad when in the fog of fear?

Try to think hard. This a patent blog.
Abstract ideas?
Father and SCOTUS know best?

Or are they ...
power-crazed abusive personalities?
(Whom we fear because they hold the gavel?)

Caption: "No. You may not have your software patent back."

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