Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Protect Us Oh Talisman

Protect Us Oh Talisman
From the Apocalyptic Draftsman.
From his Appistric Trickery.
That which fails to convert Thieving Hivery
Into Non-Abstractionsm

We shalt noth be fooled.

Appistry, Inc. v., Inc.

Thou doth course understand of jiggery mockery
inherent in above verse?
How could poetry pondering political "science" majors
a.k.a. judges-sans hard science degrees
understand highly technical disclosures?

System and method for territory-based processing of information 8,200,746

What could be more appealing to their sense of superiority
then to declare the incomprehensible (to them) as mere
gobbledygook abstractionism not deserving of monopoly?

(Elephants can't fly song)

News update: PTAB Death Squad disbanded! (for this case only)

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