Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Missile Launch is Ruse for Demoting Progress in Science, Useful Arts

Vice President in charge of "Moonshot" admits aim of taskforce is to "break silos" and force sharing of results.

"That’s the goal of this moonshot."
"The task before us is to break through some of the barriers and do what we can to help speed up the progress, so that we can deliver treatments and increase access to these new [cancer treatment / prevention] approaches for millions more people."

Hat tip to "But Where is the Patent Power?"
As practitioners in the patent practice know, it is the publication of patent disclosures that break down trade secret silos and disseminate know how to the rest of the world. Bureaucratic taskforce meetings disseminate hot air, not enabling know how in the useful arts.

However with the Supreme Court decisions in Myriad and Prometheus in view, it would be foolish for researchers to reveal any of their discoveries in the biochemical realm by way of patents.

The patent busting policies of the current administration result in the exact opposite of what they preach. Barriers are not broken down. Trade secret walls are going up again as we speak.

H.R.3326 - Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2015

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