Sunday, March 27, 2016

Alice in Bark Bytes Land --the full story

Moments of tail waggin' clarity in the Alice v. CLS oral hearings are found for example at 2:32/1:00:13 where Kennedy J. begins his hypothetical on the 2nd year engineer programming "the" computer as an over the weekend homework project. Here is my "idea". Make it so.

Bryer's "King Tut" dance is at 3:23/1:00:00 where abacus man stops the whole thing when more gold given away than total in account. --You see the point? (Don't dare say no.)

"Apply it" through the computer per Bryer's Tut-n'-stop example at at 5:12/1:00:00

Scalia "cotton gin" sarcasm at 6:56/1:00:00 --it too can be done instead by hand

Kennedy's Scene II Take 1 in A Coffee Shop Somewhere in Silicon Valley kicks back in at 9:55/1:00:00


Claim 33 of US Pat. 5,970,479:

33. A method of exchanging obligations as between parties, each party holding a credit record and a debit record with an exchange institution, the credit records and debit records for exchange of predetermined obligations, the method comprising the steps of:

(a) creating a shadow credit record and a shadow debit record for each stakeholder party to be held independently by a supervisory institution from the exchange institutions;

(b) obtaining from each exchange institution a start-of-day balance for each shadow credit record and shadow debit record;

(c) for every transaction resulting in an exchange obligation, the supervisory institution adjusting each respective party's shadow credit record or shadow debit record, allowing only these transactions that do not result in the value of the shadow debit record being less than the value of the shadow credit record at any time, each said adjustment taking place in chronological order; and

(d) at the end-of-day, the supervisory institution instructing ones of the exchange institutions to exchange credits or debits to the credit record and debit record of the respective parties in accordance with the adjustments of the said permitted transactions, the credits and debits being irrevocable, time invariant obligations placed on the exchange institutions.

See also US Pat 6,912,510; 7,149,720 and 7,725,375

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