Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Kill Our Mind Spawn? Never!

Others might refer to it as a "brain child".

Neither of those words can be used here however because they concede to reality-based biology (i.e., the brain is a biological organ) and to evolution (meaning we --the royal we, a.k.a. the SCOTUS-- are mere children, descendants from slightly less intelligent protozoa).

One opinion (here) suggests that the Supremes would be willing to give up their mind spawn: namely the Mayo v. Prometheus patent decision.
Give up our mind spawn? Never !!!

Give up our beliefs in Medieval myths, mindsets and magic?
Never !!!

Not only do we intimately know and understand all the "Laws of Nature,"
WE ARE the Laws of Nature.
We KNOW that medical testing is mere data gathering and mere plucking of leaves off the banana tree.
Therefore no new discovery and novel useful application thereof is possible.

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