Friday, April 15, 2016

If only Palin had screeched not against Nye but against SCOTUS Sci-Fi

In her latest screed Sarah Palin calls Bill Nye (Mech. Engineering Degree 1977 Cornell U.) a kid show clown.

But if she wanted real science carnival chicanery she would have called out the SCOTUS Magnificent Nine for their lucid proclamations on laws of nature and fundamentals of discovery in the storehouse of human knowledge ala' Alice in Blunderland.

Bill Nye is a science guy. (Who puts money behind mouth.)

Sarah Palin on the other hand is a political carnival barker.

And so too are the SCOTUS "Supremes" in their belief there ain't no science mountain high enough to block them from getting to the legal "truth" about molecular biology, the workings of geriatric computers and that illusive something "significantly more" (Myriad, Mayo, Alice and Bilski) that converts an "apply it" abstraction into an at-long-last patent eligible thing.

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