Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Boo Hoo, The other side dares to shoot back

One anti-patent web site now cries with crocodile tears.

The other side shoots back.
What a concept.
Maybe they can patent that?

Snippet: "That’s like asking, “what should we do about the Supreme Court [due to Alice]?” IBM seems arrogant enough to attack or discredit the highest court via Kappos (IBM)."

Discredit the "Supremes"?
Seems like they need no help in that department.
They do it on their own.

Corporations are people too. Right.

Elections in USA are all honest and need no supervision. Right.

Mother Nature hath descended from her mountain top and hath given onto the Supremes her "laws" inscribed on two clay tablets. Unquestionable.

The US Constitution does not permit patents for "discoveries", only for something significantly and elusively more.

Yes, that's it. Only the truly arrogant would attack and discredit the incredible undiscredible highest court.

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