Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Moonshooting ourselves in the foot

The Moonshot is back!

We are sciencing the heck out of ourselves by convincing others to work for free for the greater good.

The brave new world of conquering them there cancers once and for all is unfolding itself (self-disassembly) in the Median strip of our intellectual super highway.

More to the point, if only "we" all collaborate and freely share, we will surely unleash, unlock, de-clog the dam that has been holding back the inevitable rush of progress including the Moonshot that will cure all cancers once and for all.

It's simply a matter of convincing the evil self-centered scientists to forego their careers for the greater good.
"... to advance discovery and innovation, we need to break down the barriers that are preventing it. ... academics are discouraged from releasing their data for fear of being “scooped” and therefore denied opportunities to publish and advance their careers."

One sees the same meme when talking about those "patent trolls".
Clearly, any non-corporate inventor who holds back on giving away for free the fruits of his or her labors is a hideous, lazy, non-practicing creature (NPE) who lives under a bridge and takes advantage of innocent baby goats.

Big government knows how to deal with such monsters by promising them the moon and then shooting them in their IPRs. (You had it coming oh evil inventors and your Egor-like legal assistants.)

Death to the inventor class. Death to their IP practitioner abetters. Long live "true" innovation.

/end sarcasm --in case you took the end tag to be a universal truth and law of nature

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