Sunday, July 24, 2016

Welcome Russcinites, Dah it is true

Recently this site has seen a "serge" (surge) of visits from Mother Russia.

I have no idea why. Maybe they are asking themselves:
Can the Yanks be so dumb that they are dismantling their own patent system?

Yes (Dah), Russcinites, it is true.
We in America have "supreme" fearless leaders who believe all computer stuff is "generic".

Our leaders do indeed believe that all technical people are also "generic".
Just find any random coffee drinking one at a Silicon Valley java bar.
Give them your abstract "idea".
Mutter the magic words, "Apply it".
And it shall be so.

Right after the weekend.
Because it should take no more time than that to convert any and all "ideas" into "code" popped into a "generic" computing device and thus instantly made available for the consumer market to consume and enjoy per our "free" market dynamics. (Oh by the way, you don't have to pay the java drinking scriptor for his or her efforts. They are more than glad to give of themselves for the greater good of the marketplace.)

Which is why the evil patent privileges should not be given to them who pursue trivial "ideas".
Because it is so trivial and simple you see.
Like King Tut and his abacus man you see?
What can't you get through your legally incompetent mind about that?
Everything is fundamental economic fundamentalism that is easily carried forward into the computer age by the magic muttering of "Apply it".

And for that reason, no soup or patents for you.

Dah, it is true.

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