Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dismantling America. So we can be "Great". Again. Like we were before we had patents.

Not long ago, it was turnstile news that the world waited with baited breath for the next great thing coming out of America's technology mill.

It wasn't always that way.

Back in the day of our Philandering Fathers, America was a 3rd world back in the hillbilly woods agricultural society.

It was we who waited with baited breath for the next great technological advance to trickle down to us as soon as the "Great" Britain magnanimously decided to so do.

Then our Tinkering Fathers (e.g. Ben Franklin, ...) had a stroke of some kind. Eureka. Aha. If we gave out patents to "our" tinkerers and inventors we wouldn't be waiting around for Great Britain.

Today. We have great thinkers who want to make America "Great" again by going back to the old ways. By doing away with patents. By rolling back the clock to the good ole boy days when we waited with baited breath for them instead of them for us.

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