Friday, August 19, 2016

SciAm editors decry Anti-AmSci Politics

In a recent editorial (We hold these ___ to be self-Evident), the editors of the Scientific "American" noted the horrifying future that the "American" nation faces on account of our political climate changing to become ever more anti-American-Science.

They home attention on the twit-err following population.
But what about the Judiciously Anti-Science Judiciary?

What about the fact that our Supreme Court makes up its Medieval "mind" not on the basis of scientific "evidence" but rather on the basis of peeling banana tree stories out of the unsworn/ un-peer-reviewed profferings of amicus briefs? (See top of pg. 20 here.)

What about that our Supreme Court has self-anointed themselves as the Spiritual Guardians of the Lego tGruth "building blocks" of scientific understanding, progress and unassailable Laws "of Nature"?

What about that our Supreme Court has self-devined themselves as the premiere finders of the witchcraft in claims "directed to" the abstractitude and ultimate keepers of the "something more" balance scale?

Yes they tread carefully amongst us while stealthily destroying what little may be left of American Science.

Post Scripts:
Despite US Constitution saying Government should "secure" rights for inventors (Art. 1, Sect. 8, Clause 8), inventor hate site says there is "Great News: Government screws inventors coming and going"

Study shows PTO is of two minds re software patents (here)

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