Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Post Modern Inquisition

The purpose of an Inquisition is to create general hysteria, ferret out those who might pose a threat to The Inquisitive Powers That Already Be (TIPTAB) and establish a permanent bureaucracy for sustaining the Inquisition.

Inquisition panels often use the pretext of law and regulations. However, their true purpose and effect is to create a climate of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) while consolidating the power of final judgment exclusively to themselves. (Only we can know it when we see it, that elusive something significantly more that is needed for you to prove your innocence, that you are not a member of a very very (believe us) short list of suspect categories comprised of: (1) witches, (2) warlocks, (3) radicalized islamo-facists, (4) sexual deviants, (5) fake news reporters, (6) fake inventors, (7) devil worshipers, (8) terrorists, (9) heretics, (10) trolls, (11) apostates and (12) ....)

Sounds just like what PTAB death squads do, right?

Well D'oh. Yeah. Is that a surprise?


Anonymous said...

As an inventor with experience in the IT world, I personally experienced the mendacious effects of Microsoft's "FUD" in the 'OS wars' of the 1980's. That this evil corporation; jammed by Ballmer the Battering Ram down the IT industry's throat; is now joined by its Internet-era peers; truly is an abominable development and a deplorable pall on U.S. innovation, going forward.

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