Monday, February 20, 2017

Vanity be not Proud

Is it "maths" or processing of real physical electric signals (i.e. electrons) with real electronic circuits?
Some believe the battle line for debate is drawn at that intersection.

Perhaps though, the battle line plays out at the intersection of judicial vanity and judicial ignorance.

Most judges consider themselves to be very smart (High IQ). And they are.

But High IQ alone is not enough. No matter how smart one is, no matter how credentialed, the human brain (a biological organ) is of finite size, of finite speed and of finite (as well as age diminishing) ability to rewire itself (a thing referred to as plasticity).

No matter how hard they try, many an elder judge (or other arbiter) will never comprehend "computers," will never grasp modern biogenetics, will never fully appreciate modern physics and science.

There is a reason why almost all of our best and brightest (same high IQ) young PhD earners take so many years to finish their studies and finally get into the work world.

It’s because this is hard hard, brain straining stuff. The biological human brain organ is not a silicon based digital electronic computer and vice versa the computer is not a replica of the human brain. The notion of abstraction, of “mind” and of being able to do stuff with pencil and paper are delusions. These delusions appeal to the judge’s vanity by making them “feel” smart. (Gee now I get it, molecular biology is just like plucking a leaf from a tree.)

But they are not anywhere near that smart and all knowing. They are simply parading proudly in arrogant, asinine and vain ignorance. They just don’t know it. We see it. They don’t. Will they ever see it? (Ask the Bruce Willis character in the movie, “The Sixth Sense”. Spoiler alert, he is one of those ignorant lost ghosts.)

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