Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Pope and the SCOTUS

After lecturing the US Congress on the realities of Climate Science, Pope Francis made a secret stop over at the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) for a frank in chambers talk.

(Translated from Italian, perhaps:)

POPE: My brethren (and sisters) of the robe.
Far for me to criticize your actions.
The Church has her own long record of shame, including what we did to Galileo.
And you no doubt have regrets over treatment of fellow men of color.
All children of God. All part of a shared and shrinking globe.

It is with this in mind, the shrinking globe and how even small actions here can create catastrophe there, that I beseech you to end this walk of shame you have embarked on with regard to "science" "natural" phenomenon and laws "of nature".
Shame by one member of the robed brotherhood is shame to us all.

I read recently some of your encyclicals on science and its fundamental building blocks.
Secret as it may be brothers, I have background in science.
I know science.
And you my brethren are no scientists.

So please stop.
Don't embarrass us any further.

Your own Constitution, your narrative of Divinely inspired creation, speaks of promoting the general welfare, of promoting the progress of science and the useful arts ... and therefore dear brethren, when you walk in the opposite path, start speaking in tongues about science and its "fundamental building blocks", about plucking leaves from trees in place of synthesizing organic molecules that hither-fore had not been produced by Nature alone without any intervention whatsoever by man, it detracts from us all. It cheapens the word. It brings our infallibility into question.

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