Friday, October 2, 2015

Jingle Juggling Judge Junks 168 with Stroke of Alice Pen (Y'all go down the Rabbit Hole, Hear?)

One headline says,
"Junk patent ditched". Another crows, "Troll's wings clipped."

They proudly give the link
to the allegedly junk
US patent 6,266,674

And the link to
the juggling judge's
deeply analytical and
not merely conclusory
thought processes (here).

So exactly how deeply analytical is our Jingle Juggling Judge's thought process when dealing with claims that call for simultaneous user comprehension of when a usable "label" is coming in and when just the song is coming via the clock radio? Not at all.

Who is snoozing?
Who is losing?
Who is actually "thinking"?

(1) The first snooze to lose rule of Low Blow Fight Club is, If you can't win fairly use ad hominims. So DirtyTech pulls the troll card here.

Why bother with facts when you can sling mud?

(2) The second snooze to lose rule of Low Blow Fight Club is, Take ownership of the dictionary. Giving words their ordinary and customary meaning is for losers. Real champs invent arbitrary meanings on the fly.

In a footnote 2 (here) the dictionary jugglin' judge decides words don't need no interpretation and meaning to those skilled in the art can't impact his deep dive analysis. Data structure, abstract juncture.

Who cares?
I've made up my story. Gonna stick to it and facts ain't gonna change that there one hoot or holler.

(3) The third snooze to lose rule of Low Blow Fight Club is, Never look at the actual facts, they might confuse you. Resolute decider men make up their minds based on principle alone. Facts are for 'fraidy cats.

The disclosed apparatus has push buttons that cannot be pressed by human thought alone. A user listens to audio input, decides on the fly whether that portion is mere data or part of a labeling hierarchical structure and while listening, presses the appropriate push buttons to categorize the incoming sound. Abstract? Perhaps for some it's too much to contemplate. Best y'all move on now. Hear?

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