Thursday, June 23, 2016

BROKES-IT: The Great Unraveling

Picture in your head all the work that would go into hand knitting a sweater.
The patience.
The precision.
The creativity.
The organization of the whole body of work.

It doesn't take much for an immature adolescent to come along and unravel the whole thing.
Creating an elegant body of work is hard.
Destroying is easy.
Take that you stuffy snob nosed creator. BOOM. BANG. CRASH. Destroyed!

The adolescent feels great.
He has succeeded in being the bossy bull in the proverbial china shop.

Here's another group that feels good about themselves.
They are breaking apart the U.S. patent system.
The only good patent is a busted patent as far as they are concerned.
Take that you stuffy snob nosed creators (a.k.a. inventors). Be forewarned that the abacus man cometh for you.
We dun teached you about the laws of nature.
The great unraveling. Entropy.
Nothing matters.
Let's again warp back to the Medieval Times dance!

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