Monday, June 27, 2016

Women maybe, Inventors definitely not

Men, of course and without question, can have unwanted growths removed from their bodies.

Women, on the other hand, have lesser rights; "putative rights" as Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas puts it. If there is an unwanted growth in their bodies then the question becomes whether God wanted it to be there in the first place even in the case of rape and whether the State has the right to bar the doors to the abortion clinic. In a recent SCt. decision, Justice Thomas decries the arbitrary and capricious whims of his Court colleagues in making special rules for some but not others.

Of course hypocrisy knows no bounds. Because it is Clarence the Clown who consistently makes special rules for inventors and discoverers. To keep them as subhumans. To deny them equal protections of the law.

Inventors are "trolls" you see. They hire deceptive draftspersons (artful dodgers) to hide the plain and simple truth that they have invented or discovered nothing more than an abstract fundamental "principle" that forms the basic building block of something called "science". This "science" thing, according to Clarence the Clown and most of his Supreme Court colleagues includes laws "of nature" which Mother passes down from her mountain top and natural phenomenons that occur without any intervention by the hand of man (or woman, if you must).

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