Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Planet of the ... Panel Posits on Non-Physicality of Mind, Ideas and Abstract Ideas

Too bad a transcript is not yet available for the recent oral hearings in Amdocs v. Openet Telecom.

You can download the voice recording from here.

In the oral discussions you will hear judge and lawyer pondering over their understandings of "mind", "ideas" and "abstract".

Trouble is that none of them know what they are talking about and clearly they are scientifically incompetent to delve into the science neuro-biology.

Who is "me" and is that part of my brain deluded into thinking it is "mind" and has "ideas" of both abstract and real natures?

Are you really there or are you just an abstract idea in my mind of some lawyer being present at the podium? Can I have abstract ideas about abstract ideas? What the heck does that even mean?

You idiots. You maniacs. Did you not know how incompetent you were? Go ask Alice
... When she was 10 feet tall.

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