Monday, January 18, 2016

2016 "Spirit of Innovation" includes AIA as fundamental building block (make it so)

T'was the day after SOTU
In the year 2016
And about the House of White
Or there in between,
There shone a renewed spirit of innovation, bright and alight.
Like none before seen.

Yes "we" can, shoot for the moon yet aggin' it was said
The Spirit of old St. Louise ain't quite yet dead

Innovation is the middle nucleotide in our name
Brother Biden go ignite Mission Control's faded flame
Beat them cancers and write some computer code too
Any engineerin' student ore' weekend Shirley this can do

Make it is so Captain Stewart says
Back to work you lazy eggs

Back to Work --The Spirit of Innovation


Biden's Cancer Moonshot Aims to Launch Us Deep Into Our Own Genomes

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