Thursday, January 28, 2016

Oh the Stuff they Stuff into Supreme Leaders' Head

One of the smartest men on the planet recently explained how the science thing works (sort of):

You get into a situation room with some of your smartest friends.

Oh, and to be fair and balanced, you bring in one dissenting voice (who isn't your friend).
Because you know, you have to hear all sides.
You test competing ideas.

You hear all the arguments, testing prodding.
That's how the scientific process works.

You figure out what makes this country great.
You figure out what the shared reality is.
Introspective soul searching gets you to the right answer.


That's how science works?
Introspective comprehension of how stuff works?

Amazingly, that is how the Supreme leaders at SCOTUS also operate.
Yes we can ---code up any abstract idea over weekend's time.
Yes we can ---splice up DNA just like you pluck a leaf off a tree.
Yes we can ---get smarter every day and promote the progress of science and the useful arts by de-securing exclusive rights of inventors and discoverers to their respective inventions/discoveries so that the truly-innovative ones can have their way.

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