Thursday, January 14, 2016

Executive Level Competence in US "Sciencing the Heck" Out from under Our National and Global Problems

More than one among the post-SOTU 2016 analysts have focused in on the President's fantasies about We the People "Sciencing the Heck" out from under our national and global problems by uttering the same magic incantations that the Magnificent Nine of SCOTUS (Supreme Court of US) have already had us chanting, like "make it so" (Star Trek) or "apply it" (apply the abstract idea) by means of "computer code" or some other of those scientific whatnots that them STEM magicians clearly have buried in their Merlin's bag of tricks and can employ overnight ... or if need be, by way of a sleepless weekend stint.

One such analyst notes the President's call for the magic of "computer code":
"Science came up often in President Barack Obama’s final State of the Union address tonight ... he touched “helping students learn to write computer code” ... his proposals [included those] for advancing technology and invention, clean energy, curing cancer (hello, Joe Biden), and stopping climate change" ... During his wrap-up, Obama mentions that proverbial science student pulling an all-nighter: “I see it in the Dreamer who stays up late to finish her science project, and the teacher who comes in early because with some extra supplies he bought because he knows that young girl might someday cure a disease.”

To be continued? Obama speeches re "innovation"


Post-posting follow up:
Yes Virginia there is more than just the speech:
The Spirits of Innovation Past and Future

America’s spirit of innovation has always led us through any challenge. From walking on the moon to curing disease, [E]dison to the Wright Brothers, Grace Hopper to Sally Ride, we’ve reshaped our world for the better. And in this new century, we’ll need everyone’s ideas and talents to come up with the next big thing.

Investing in Research and Development – Invested in key research programs, including funding for basic research at the National Science Foundation, for energy efficiency and renewable energy, for health breakthroughs at the National Institutes of Health, and for defense research that is modernizing our military. Launched bold new initiatives in areas including brain research, precision medicine, smart cities, advanced materials, data science, and strategic computing and enabled a new era in space exploration, all leading to job creation and economic opportunity as well as new knowledge and prospects for better health and quality of life. Made the Research and Experimentation tax credit permanent, bringing certainty to companies large and small investing in innovation. Read more.

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